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#Demain: staff members imagine the Bonduelle of tomorrow

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


Bonduelle, established in 1853, is a family business whose mission is "to be the World reference in well being through vegetable products". One of Groupe Bonduelle's CSR objectives for 2025 is to empower all of its staff members to become active participants in sustainable development policy. With this objective in mind, Bonduelle is offering all of its staff members the opportunity to make their CSR project a reality.


  • Involve 100% of staff members in CSR
  • Provide staff members with tools they need to carry out their CSR project
  • Transition from aspiration to idea to action
  • Help the company become more sustainable in its practices


In December 2016, staff members with ideas for sustainable development projects were invited to sign up for Bonduelle's #Tomorrow program. Seventy people from different business units and countries got involved, either submitting project ideas or expressing their desire to otherwise participate in this effort.

Project leaders received support in the form of a MOOC-style course with 6 video modules, sent to participants by email. Each video module corresponded to a stage in the project-actualisation process and was based on entrepreneurial methods (identifying project stakeholders, creating a business plan, preparing a pitch, etc.)

After four months of training, project leaders attended a meeting to work together and bond as a community. Senior members of management were invited to challenge the projects (all in good fun), provide advice and act as sponsors for these initiatives. 

All headquarters staff and their families were then invited to an evening during which the project leaders were able to share their projects with a wide audience, celebrate change-makers and envision the company of tomorrow.


- 30 project leaders

- Innovation and social intrapreneurship 

- Cost-savings brought about by proposed solutions

- Staff well-being

- Professional and personal development


- Minimisation of the company's environmental impact (reducing food waste, zero-waste efforts, eco-friendly driving, carpooling, biodiversity, etc. 

- Projects' social impact: staff empowerment, workplace well-being, etc.

(2018-2019) : 14 589 collaborateurs
(2018-2019) : 2 777 millions deuros


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