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SEALOCK creates a bonus linked to quality and to the environment

1. Organizational Governance

Profit sharing


Created in 1996 in Sallaumines (in the Pas de Calais département), Sealock is specialized in the formulation of water-based glues and Hot-Melt glues. Its products are intended for the sectors of Graphic Arts and POS advertising, Assembly and Industry, and Packaging and Labeling. Sealock puts innovation at the heart of its strategy to design ever-more efficient and planet-friendly products. Firmly rooted in its territory, Sealock is committed to respecting and maintaining the highest levels of Social and Environmental Responsibility within all its processes.


  • Mobilize the employees behind the CSR strategy of the company
  • Offer fair salaries, in accordance with the objectives of the company


In order to get its employees mobilized and involved in its environmental and societal commitment, Sealock implemented various bonuses, related both to the results of the company and its impact on the environment. 

Two types of bonuses are thus distributed:

One bonus is distributed at least once a year, and is related to the results of the company, the employees' responsabilities and commitment, and the company's results in terms of Quality and Environment.

This bonus is for employees with a permanent or fixed-term contract, and sometimes also for those in work/training schemes.

A bonus related to Quality and Environment, which concerns solely employees with a permanent contract: the Quality bonus. This sum is paid each month to the employees concerned since the 

ISO9001 certification was obtained in 2003. It was increased in 2010 when the company obtained the ISO 14001 certification. The amount of the bonus is set, and every employee of the company receives the same amount.


  • Commitment of employees for the respect of Quality and Environment standards
  • Employee turn-over in 2012: 0%


  • ISO9001 certification
  • ISO 14001 certification
  • Employees' remuneration consistent with their commitment
  • 43% of employees underwent training in 2012
  • A loyal and committed team to make the company grow, a feeling acknowledged and felt by Sealock partners, whether customers or suppliers.
4506 K€ en 2012


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53 rue du Marais


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