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AG2R LA MONDIALE strives for employees

1. Organizational Governance

Relations with stakeholders


AG2R LA MONDIALE was founded in 2008 from the merger of a mutual insurance company (La Mondiale) and a supplemental insurance and pension fund group (AG2R); its CSR approach has been fully assimilated into the company's strategy and activities. This approach relies on the cataloguing and updating of best practices adopted by the Group's support and technical divisions, as well as on actively raising staff awareness.  These efforts are deployed at different hierarchical levels and in accordance with various procedures: either on a one-off basis that's replicated depending on the particular topic, or as part of an implemented standard protocol.


  • Basing the CSR strategy on tangible practices championed by all company actors. 
  • Bring everyone onboard to face key challenges and drive the appropriate behavioral changes by associating employees on the front line in implementing CSR. This appropriation step requires gradually building awareness, through expanding the possibilities for commitment (or triggering action). The capacity of staff members and their level of commitment are good indicators for top management, which feels the pressure to continue along the sustainable development path.


The Group began by backing the creation of employee associations: the AME Solidarity Association in 2000, and the APTE Collective Action Association in 2004. In conjunction with this development, other opportunities for staff to connect were made available, with management's guidance or support: several libraries, a choir group, a Theater workshop, etc.

The Group manages a corporate foundation and funds assigned to the mission of coordinating an internal network of 76 volunteer correspondents to seek out and accompany associations focusing on solidarity-type issues.

An information network labeled "Friends of Sustainable Development" was formed in 2012: it gathers more than 1000 members registered in a mailing list, tagged as priority recipients of fall CSR-related information.

In addition, the CSR Division in lockstep with Human Resources has gradually extended the possibilities to rally employees in support of CSR, more specifically geared towards topics with environmental policy implications. Two examples are worth citing: 


  • The "Ideas for the Planet" contest held in 2013. 
  • Within the framework of the European week of mobility in 2014:
    - The "21,000 km" challenge
    - A forum about the link between mobility and health and shape
    - A photo contest: my daily walk
    - During the World Car-Free Day, the 22 September, the inevitable km covered this day were counted and then compensated by funding an environmental project.

A staff convinced of the need for their personal investment alongside that of the Group, a symbolic recognition of senior management commitments, the Human Resources Division and line managers; an information and events organized on a regular basis are the strengths of this commitment.

Best Practice identified by the World Forum for a Responsible Economy in 2014 and updated in 2015.


  • Exchanges of ideas, pride of affiliation, lower operating expenses over the medium term.


  • Acknowledgment of internal stakeholders (managers, personnel, union representatives).
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