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KEYMAN: Bringing its values to life every day and contributing its know-how in the service of the City

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


Created in 2004 and located in Roubaix (59), Keyman over seven years has become the leading French “headhunting” recruitment agency north of Paris. With its 18 employees, Keyman accompanies enterprises in their search for key employees in middle and top management. In a context where the rate of unemployment among sought-after candidates is much lower than the national average, Keyman has decided to focus primarily on direct approach, or “headhunting”. In a very competitive environment, Keyman differentiates itself thanks to a very strong internal corporate culture based on written values and to its involvement in the City.


  • Evaluate the professionalism of candidates
  • Ensure the well-being of employees
  • Remain involved in the City 


The values of the enterprise were written in 2006 by the whole team and are translated into concrete actions. They concern the employees, the customers and the candidates. In 2012, they were updated and they are now painted on the walls of meeting and interviews rooms. Keyman’s governance is based on these values and generates strong involvement from each employee. Each employee has equal weight in the taking of decisions.The employees benefit from training every year and a profit-sharing system to build motivation.Remuneration and profit-sharing are transparent.   Attentive to the well-being of its employees, the company has put in place a personalized approach to on-boarding all new employees: 10 minutes of speed dating with each employee, a mentor, a Welcome Guidebook, and an integration schedule.  Connected to its customers by a Commitments Charter, Keyman also practices a policy of complete honesty with regard to candidates. Keyman is involved in the City with the Ecole de la 2ème Chance, Dispocadres and recruitment groups from the Alliances Network.

Best Practice spotted by  Réseau Alliances) in 2012 and updated in 2014 


  •  Revenues grew by 60% between 2010 and 2011 and stability of the company's activity between 2012 and 2014 regardless the difficult context for headhunting agencies
  • Brand awareness strengthened


  • 100% of employees trained each year
  • 15% of profits shared with  employees equally
  • Doubling of the workforce in 5 years
  • 92% rate of customer satisfaction
  • Ecole de la 2ème Chance: assistance in integration and insertion of 20 students each year
(2011) 15
(2013) 1 500 000€


21, boulevard du Général Leclerc


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